Agricultural Pole Buildings

Agricultural Pole Barn Builders

An agricultural pole barn is a post-frame steel building that is typically found on farms and is used to store farming equipment and machinery or livestock and feed. No matter if your farm is entirely focused on crops or if your farm is primarily focused on livestock, you will need a pole barn for storage and shelter. With our professional experience in agricultural pole barns, we have the customizations necessary to best suit your farm’s needs.

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    Common Agricultural Businesses & Pole Barn Uses

    There are businesses beyond farms that utilize agricultural pole barns:

    • Farms
    • Landscaping Pole Barns
    • Nursery Storage
    • Dairy Farm Barn
    • Livestock Shelter

    View Our Agricultural & Farming Pole Barns

    Below are a few of our agricultural pole buildings for a variety of businesses! View our full agrarian portfolio.

    Common Questions About Agricultural Pole Buildings

    Many farmers have different questions when they are considering getting a new pole building for their farm. From the options and customizations to the height needed for a specific door height to fit a piece of farm machinery into the agricultural pole barn. Below are a few common questions we have been asked in the past:

    1. How Much Does A Agricultural Pole Barn Cost?

    Agricultural pole barns vary in price. Are you getting a chicken coop or a 200-foot by 75-foot pole barn? The two are very different in price. Does your pole barn have overhangs? Skylights? A pole building comes with a variety of options. When you contact us for a free quote and inform us of the dimensions and customizations, we can provide a fully informed free quote. Contact us for a free quote on your farm’s next building.

    2. What Customizations Can Be Made To A Agricultural Post Frame Building?

    As mentioned above, customizations are one of the main factors that change the price of a pole barn. Because of our history, knowledge, and experience in building barns for farms and agricultural settings, we have a variety of modifications many farmers seek. When you contact us, ask about the different ways you can customize your barn.

    3. What Financing Options Are There For A Agricultural Pole Building?

    Pioneer Pole Buildings knows the importance of having a barn built for your production to continue. So if you need a pole barn for your farm to operate, you need it as soon as possible. Once we heard that there were farmers who needed a pole barn yet were unable to get the financing required, we knew we could come up with a solution. Pioneer Pole Buildings offers in-house financing for your pole barn project. Learn more about our pole building financing and get your built as soon as you need it.

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    Get A Pole Building For Your Farm Or Agricultural Facility

    Pole barns started in the 1930s as the primary building for farmers. Its ease of use and practical design will have a significant return for little investment. Many farmers get pole buildings on their property because it is one of the most cost-effective options for a large barn. The only concern among farmers is how long a pole building will last. Your building will exist well past your lifetime with the proper foundation and repairing any damages that might be caused by tractors or farm machinery hitting the building. Learn more about Pioneer Pole Buildings pole barns designed for your farming business.

    What Is An Agricultural Pole Barn?

    An agricultural pole barn is a structure that is built as a post-frame building for a farm or agricultural business. A post-frame agricultural building can have a wide variety of uses, from feed storage to farming machinery to livestock. Use your agricultural pole barn for the farming and agricultural needs you see fit.

    Mid Atlantic Agricultural Pole Building Contractors

    Throughout The east coast, there are a variety of farming and agricultural businesses. Whether you are a local farm in the remote regions of Virginia or West Virginia or if you own a horse farm in Maryland, we can provide the agricultural pole building you need. Contact us for farm buildings in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, or any state on the east coast. We would love to build your pole barn.

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