Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions About Pioneer Pole Buildings

We receive a wide range of questions at Pioneer Pole Buildings. From questions about the services, we provide to questions about our history and the work we do.

This page will continually be growing and advancing as we answer more and more questions. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask about our business and services. We hope to provide the best pole building services and to answer your questions.

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    Pioneer Pole Building FAQs

    Do you cover my area?

    We primarily serve the northeastern United States. We serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia.

    Where are you located?

    716 South Route 183, Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

    I want a pole building. Where do I start?

    • Determine what your needs are- how big do you need the space? How tall are the objects you need to house?
    • Gather your specs for a quote request- see WORKSHEET for help.
    • PPB Pole Work Sheet
    • Building size- width x length x height
    • How many entry doors?
    • What size/ location/ number of overhead or slider door(s)?
    • Windows?
    • Overhang on the building?
    • Lean-to?
    • Do you need insulation?
    • Any additional options- cupola? Two-tone siding (“wainscoting” look?) Special trusses?
      Check out our building options in our portfolio.
    • Contact PPB for a free quote. You can fill out our contact form, or call us at 888-448-2505.
    • We are open 8-5 M-Th, 8-4 Fri, and by appointment on Sat.
    • Contact your local permitting office to determine any restrictions that apply. Ask if you need sealed or non-sealed blueprints.

    When will a sales rep come to see me?

    Typically, a project coordinator will visit your site after you receive your quote and are ready to sign a contract and place a deposit.

    How much of a deposit is required?

    At the time of contract signing, Pioneer requires a 30% deposit.

    What do I need to provide?

    We need a dirt-compacted, level site with a minimum 3’ work-around space on each side. Typically, the customer handles the permit. However, we can provide permit service for an additional fee.

    Do you have any drawings of my building? I need blueprints to get my permit. What do I do?

    Non-sealed blueprints are furnished free when you are under contract. Sealed prints are available for an additional fee. If you’ve signed a contract and placed a deposit, and your permit is denied, you will be refunded your deposit less the cost of the prints and cancellation fees which may vary depending on building size and location.

    You may purchase prints out of contract for a fee as well. We will need specific drawings (locations, measurements) to accommodate your request.

    How can I get kit pricing?

    Kits are available through our retail division, Alpine Building Supply. The kit pricing link can be followed here:

    Are the only buildings available shown on the PORTFOLIO tab?

    No, the buildings on the portfolio page are pictures of buildings we’ve constructed to our customer's specifications; they aren’t “kits” that are available. We tailor-build to fit YOUR needs.

    Is financing available?

    Our financing is through Wells Fargo. Promotional financing of convenient custom payments with a reduced rate of 9.90%*. Click on the following link for financing terms:

    Why should I choose Pioneer Pole Buildings?

    • We use 27 gauge steel on our roof and 28 gauge steel on our sidewalls.
    • Our steel is heat-rolled with a 50-year warranty.
    • Trusses are made with 2”x6” top and bottom chords.
    • Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is A+.
    • We are a member and accredited builder of the NFBA (National Frame Builders Assoc.)
    • A quality control inspection of your building is conducted by PPB.
    • Our workmanship has a 2-year guarantee.
    • Financing is available.

    What is your warranty information?

    I want to see what the colors look like.

    Try this fun, interactive link~ There are 17 colors from which to choose. You can pick a trim color, a sidewall color, and a roof color at no additional charge. Some colors are energy-rated and tax-deductible. Please visit the Everlast website at

    Can you provide a concrete floor?

    We work with ARK Enterprises to provide concrete. We can quote a price for you- it will show as an ADDITIONAL OPTION on your quote. Concrete is poured after the building is completed.

    Are there stock size buildings?

    Yes, there are! Stock buildings come with a man door and a standard overhead door. Your options are added from that point at an additional charge.

    Can you reroof my building?

    Sure, can! Not only do we re-roof buildings, but we can re-roof homes, add to non- residential structures, re-skin barns, and provide many other services. Contact
    Trey Hook:
    Phone: 888-448-2505 ext. 139 Email:

    Do you have any display models?

    We do! We have a display on the bnon-residentialthe uilding on the property, open 24/7. Come visit!

    Do you offer excavation?

    Yes, we do, for an additional fee. This would require a site visit to determine the cost.