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Equestrian Pole Barn Builders

Equestrian Pole Buildings that are expertly built and designed for your horses are essential to anyone in the equine industry. Pioneer Pole Buildings has been building professional horse barns and equestrian-related pole barns since we started. With our interior customizations and horse stall installation and design, you can have the equine building of your dreams.

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    Uses For Equine Pole Buildings

    There are a variety of ways equestrian pole buildings are used. While housing your horses is a top priority a lot of pole barns we have built for horse farms have a variety of uses. Below are common uses for your equine pole barns:

    • Horse Stables
    • Grooming Stalls
    • Larger Horse Birthing Stalls
    • Indoor Riding Areas
    • Hay & Feed Storage
    • Horse Equipment Storage

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    Below are a few of our equestrian pole buildings for a variety of businesses! View our full horse barn portfolio.

    Common Questions About Equestrian Pole Buildings

    You want to know the equestrian pole building you are investing in is the best option for your horses. We have been asked many questions about horse stalls and the material used in post-frame buildings. Below are a few answers to common questions about equine pole buildings.

    1. How Much Does An Equestrian Pole Barn Cost?

    Equine pole buildings vary in price based on their size and all of the options associated with horse barns. For example, an empty pole barn is much cheaper than a pole building with horse stalls and a completed interior. Knowing this, the cost of a horse barn can vary widely. Get a quote from our equestrian pole building specialists.

    2. Are Pole Barns Good For Horses?

    Equestrian pole barns provide excellent protection for horses. The horse stalls we build inside the pole building ensure ideal living conditions for horses. Your horses will not be exposed to sheet steel and metal because of the professional horse stall structure. You can also get the interior of your pole building insulated and completed. Many people get this so their horses can remain in a temperature-controlled climate throughout the year.

    3. How Big Should A Equestrian Pole Barn Be?

    The size of your pole barn depends on how much storage space you need, the number of horses, and the size of the horse stalls. The standard size for horse stalls is 12-foot x 12-foot. If you were to have two horse stalls without any storage space, you would need a minimum of a 24-foot by 24-foot horse barn. This would be extremely cramped, and you would probably need to add a lean-to on the building for storing feed and tack. We would recommend a much larger pole building to suit your equestrian needs.

    4. What Customizations Can Be Made To An Equestrian Post Frame Building?

    When designing your horse pole barn, you should take into consideration the following:

    • Drainage of water from cleaning out horse stalls.
    • Storage for your tack and feed.
    • The number of horses and horse stalls needed.
    • Windows and lighting.
    • Insulation and completed interior.
    • Access to outdoor areas for horses.
    • The ability to add an addition in case you need to expand your stables.

    5. What Financing Options Are There For An Equestrian Pole Building?

    Financing your horse’s pole building should not be a problem. However, when you need to get an equestrian pole barn built to house your horses, you need it right away. Our professional financing will help you get the pole barn of your dreams now rather than later.

    6. How Is An Equestrian Pole Building Different From A Regular Pole Barn?

    An equestrian pole building is just like a regular pole building except for the interior horse stalls. The horse stalls are the primary difference between a standard pole building and an equine pole building.

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    Northeast Equestrian Pole Building Contractors

    There are a large number of horses, horse barns, and stables throughout the northeast. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland are known for having horses. Where there are horses, there is a vital need for horse stalls. We are located in the northeast and can build your horse pole building.

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