Residential Pole Buildings

Residential Pole Barn Builders

Are you looking to have a residential pole barn built? Pioneer is a premier residential pole building company. Our team of professional contractors and builders can put together the residential barn, shed, garage, or custom building you are looking for your personal property.

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    Common Types Of Residential Pole Buildings

    There are a wide variety of uses for residential pole barns, from a garage to a workshop. Below are a few examples of typical post-frame buildings and their uses in the residential capacity.

    • Garages
    • Antique Car Storage
    • Storage Buildings
    • Man Cave
    • Gardening Shed
    • Offroad Vehicle Storage
    • Pool House
    • Wood Workshop
    • Pole Building Home
    • Home Work Shop
    • Motorcycle Storage
    • Pavilion For Back Porch
    • Recording Studio
    • Work From Home Office Space
    • Firewood Storage
    • Chicken Coop/Animal Shelter
    • Green House

    Common Questions About Residential Pole Buildings

    Having built hundreds of thousands of residential pole buildings, we have been asked a few questions about them. Below are a few common questions we have received:

    1. How Much Does A Residential Pole Barn Cost?

    The price of a pole building depends on a variety of factors. First and foremost is the size of the pole barn. The larger the sheet steel building, the more sheet steel and the more lumber. The second factor of the cost of a garage, shed, or barn is what type of residential pole building you want. There are a lot of customizations a residential building can have.

    Finally, a highly impactful factor recently is the price of lumber and steel. While the cost of residential building materials did not vary in the past, the market has been more volatile and causing the pricing to change depending on the month you request for a new construction project. All of these will impact the overall price of your residential pole building.

    2. What Customizations Can Be Made To A Residential Pole Building?

    There are a lot of residential pole building options. Some people want their garage addition or detached pole barn steel to match the colors of their home. Some people request attic trusses for extra storage and space. Others prefer to have a board and batten building rather than a sheet steel shell.

    There are a lot of customizations you can make for your future pole building. Ask yourself, how many doors, garage doors, or windows do I want. Do I want skylights in my pole building? Should I get the interior insulated as well as framed and finished? View our residential building additions and options as well as building color options.

    3. What Financing Options Are There For A Residential Post Frame Building?

    Pioneer Pole Buildings offers in-house professional financing options for your future post-frame construction project. Get financing that fits your needs and payment plans so you can get your residential pole barn built as soon as you like. So don’t wait to start your project.

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    Northeast Residential Pole Building Contractors

    Pioneer Pole Buildings has been providing professional pole barn construction service in the northeast since 1998. We build residential pole buildings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. In addition, we have constructed buildings outside of our service area. Contact us for a free quote, and we can determine the cost and the distance we will need to travel to your business or home.

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    We are your builders for your next residential pole building project. No matter how simple or customized you would like your building to be, we can help build your residential pole building. Contact us at Pioneer Pole Buildings to get your project started.

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