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When looking for a professional construction business that builds pole barns, you want to hire a premier leader of pole building construction in Virginia. There are a wide variety of contractors that work in different types of construction. At Pioneer Pole Buildings, our specialty and primary focus is Pole buildings of all kinds. Working in the Northeast for many years, we have provided Virginia with hundreds of pole buildings over the years.

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If you are looking to get a pole barn, post-frame building, or any type of pole building, contact Pioneer pole buildings for your professional Virginia-built pole barn. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, a pole barn on your property is an excellent investment. It increases your property’s value and allows for you to have an effective workspace or storage space.

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    Popular Virginia Pole Building Types

    With Virginia pole buildings being our specialty, we have built a variety of pole barns in VA. A few of the post-frame buildings that are regularly available in Virginia are:

    • VA Commercial Pole Buildings: In Virginia, we have been hired by a wide range of businesses for their commercial pole building. From small wood shops, mechanic shops, and HVAC buildings to large township and manufacturing buildings.
    • VA Residential Pole Buildings: What homeowner does not want a pole building on their property? From storing classic cars and motorcycles to being a personal post frame garage or man cave.
    • VA Equestrian Pole Buildings: Virginia is known for having horses. There are about six horses every square mile of Virginia. Get the perfect pole building and horse stalls for your horses.
    • VA 3-Sided Pole Buildings: Three-sided pole buildings are perfect for storage and warehouses. Having a pole barn with one side completely open allows for easy access with forklifts and machinery.
    • VA Board & Batten Pole Buildings: We have seen a lot of Virginia homeowners prefer the rustic board and batten look of a pole barn. If you enjoy the classic wooden board & batten style, consider adding attic or gambrel trusses and getting an access door added to the front of your pole barn’s second floor.
    • VA Vinyl Siding Pole Buildings: In Virginia’s more populated and suburban areas, homeowners want a pole barn that matches their home. See our vinyl siding pole building options.

    Custom Built Virginia Post Frame Building

    Virginia loves customizations. Virginia is a state known for having the most vanity license plates. Why should your Virginia pole barn be any different? Get a custom-built post frame building to store your car with its vanity license plate. Work with our team to design the pole building of your dreams that fits your needs.

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    Virginia Metal Roofing & Pole Building Reskins

    Maybe you already have a building in Virginia, but you are in need of a metal reroof. If you already have a pole building and want to change the color or put an addition on, we provide sheet metal re-roofing and re-skins.

    Virginia Pole Barn Pricing & Financing Options

    Pricing is a significant factor when determining where you are going to purchase a pole building. At PPB we offer financing to Virginia residents. You can purchase your pole building on financing without interest if you pay in full within six months. We have financing plans that will help you get your pole building as soon as possible.

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    If you were looking for a professionally built Virginia pole barn, contact Pioneer Pole Buildings. We provide financing options, custom pole buildings, and expert post-frame construction. Get a free quote today.

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