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Gambrel Pole Barn Builders

Gambrel pole buildings have a beautiful classic look. With the primarily modified trusses, you get additional space on the second floor and attractive options for your pole building. For example, a gambrel pole barn has the customization of a door or window on the second floor. Make your pole building look like a piece of history with gambrel trusses. A gambrel pole barn will make your garage, barn, or workshop look unlike any other.

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30’ W x 32’ L x 12’ H A Gambrel Garage with a Second Floor 30’ Gambrel Trusses, 2’ on Center Colors: Siding Color: Beige Roofing Color: Ash Gray Trim Color: Red

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    Common Questions About Gambrel Pole Buildings

    You do not see a lot of gambrel buildings, let alone gambrel pole barns, so if you are unfamiliar with their structure and design, you might have questions about them.

    1. How Much Does A Gambrel Pole Barn Cost?

    Gambrel pole buildings vary in price. Depending on the customizations you get with your pole building and the sheer size of the gambrel pole barn. Contact us for a free quote if you want to know how much a gambrel post frame building will cost.

    2. What Financing Options Are There For A Gambrel Pole Building?

    After you contact us for a free quote on your pole building, get financing information through us. At Pioneer Pole Buildings, we provide in-house financing options that can make your gambrel pole building affordable. So do not wait for your pole barn; contact us to finance your project.

    3. How Do Gambrel Trusses Compare To A Roof Truss?

    Technically a gambrel truss has more disadvantages than advantages when compared to a regular roof truss. However, the primary benefits of a gambrel truss are the additional space on the second floor of the pole barn and the aesthetic and visual beauty of the gambrel barn.

    The disadvantages of a gambrel truss include the chance for water pooling on the flat part of the upper roof, lower integrity in the wind, and the size of a gambrel truss cannot reach the same size as regular roof trusses. If you are looking to get a gambrel truss only for the added attic space, consider getting an attic truss as another option.

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    Below are a few of our gambrel pole buildings for a variety of businesses! View our full gambrel portfolio.

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    Northeast Gambrel Pole Building Contractors

    Gambrel pole buildings are standard throughout the United States, but their historic appeal and appearance can be seen on the east coast. Our business serves the northeast and mid-Atlantic region. You can see pioneer pole buildings gambrel pole barns in states like Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia.

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    Whether you are located in our service area or are only a few states away, contact us for a free no-obligation quote on a custom gambrel pole building. Pioneer is one of the best in the business of making pole buildings, and we would love to build your gambrel pole barn.

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