Three Sided Pole Buildings

Three Sided Pole Barn Builders

Three-sided pole buildings are perfect for storing materials that can be quickly accessed by a tractor or forklift. Pioneer Pole Buildings has a three-sided pole building on our campus to store extra building materials we need our warehouse workers to access with ease. Many business owners see the benefits of investing in a 3-sided pole building for their company. Learn more about three-sided post-frame barns below.

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    Types Of 3-Sided Pole Buildings

    There are actually three types of 3-sided pole barns. While they all function and appear very similar, they have different structural advantages. Essentially the main difference is the truss shape.

    • Lean-To 3 Sided Pole Barn: This type of three-sided pole barn has the most “shed-like” appearance. Essentially the roof has a single angle and looks like an enclosed lean-to with the highest and largest eave wall open. This type of three-sided pole building is prevalent on small farms or as simple additional storage at townships.
    • Regular 3-Sided Pole Barn: An ordinary three-sided pole barn is essentially a standard pole building with one wall completely open. Typically the one eave wall will be open, and the typical 8 foot spaced posts will be spaced 10-foot apart or more depending on the beams and headers used.
    • Modified Truss 3-Sided Pole Barn: The modified three-sided pole building is one that stands out and is chosen by many businesses. Typically the truss has one side that is longer and at a shallow pitch, while the open side of the 3-sided pole building has a large overhang of the short side of the truss. The short side of the truss has a steep pitch and primarily serves to keep the weather from entering the structure.

    View Our Three Sided Pole Barns

    Below are a few of our 3-sided pole buildings for a variety of businesses! View our full 3-sided pole barn portfolio.

    Are There Financing Options For A 3 Sided Pole Building?

    Get professional financing for your pole-building project. Get a three-sided pole barn without having to wait or save finances over time. In business, farming, or personal life, when you need a 3-sided pole barn, it is better to get it as soon as possible rather than wait.

    The Benefits Of A Three-Sided Pole Building

    An open face building cuts down on building material costs, and you will not have to replace damaged garage doors or worn-out facia around entryways. In the past, we have built extensive 3-sided pole buildings for an anthracite company in Northern Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, to store coal, forklifts, and machinery.

    Disadvantages Of Three-Sided Pole Buildings

    The main disadvantage to a three-sided post-frame building is security. The one side of the building is entirely open, so there is a lack of security. That side of the pole barn is not only easy to access for forklifts and machinery, but it is easy to access for thieves and the elements. Rain and snow will be able to enter the pole barn and damage anything that is left in the open.

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    Mid-Atlantic 3 Sided Pole Building Contractors

    We have built 3-sided pole barns for coal mining companies in northern Pennsylvania, fruit stands in New Jersey, wineries in New York, township buildings in Delaware, horse farms in Maryland, landscaping companies in West Virginia, and golf courses in Virginia. We have built a lot of 3 sided pole barns throughout the east coast. Contact us to create yours.

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