Board & Batten Pole Buildings

Board & Batten Pole Barn Builders

Board and batten barns and buildings are a historical style of siding that gives homes, buildings, and sheds a classic americana style. Board and batten siding is a type of construction siding where larger boards are placed, and smaller strips cover the crack between the boards. What makes board and batten so appealing is it can be left plain and have a rustic rough cut wood appearance or it can be painted and stained. A lot of gorgeous board and batten pole barns we build are later stained or painted to change the appearance and style of the barn.

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    Common Questions About Board & Batten Pole Buildings

    Below are a few of the common questions we have received about board-and-batten pole barns. Don’t see your question below? Then, ask us when you get a free quote on your board-and-batten pole building.

    1. How Much Does A Board & Batten Pole Barn Cost?

    With the ever-changing price of lumber, it is hard to predict what the cost of a board and batten pole building is; that is why we provide free quotes. Many people ask us which costs more, a steel pole building or a board-and-batten pole barn. This actually changes a lot. When lumber is more expensive than metal, a fully lumber-built pole barn costs more. When steel costs more than lumber, the sheet steel pole building costs more.

    2. What Financing Options Are There For A Board & Batten Pole Building?

    Pioneer Pole Buildings offers in-house financing for board-and-batten pole barns. There can be a lot of costs when it comes to getting an excellent pole building that is built with board-and-batten siding. With the increase in lumber costs, we had a lot of people regretting that they waited to get their pole building built. Don’t wait, and don’t let the market increase the cost of a pole barn. Contact us for financing on your board-and-batten pole barn.

    3. What Kind Of Wood Is Used For A Board And Batten Pole Barn?

    Cedar is the most common and typically the best choice in regards to board and batten lumber. Other types of wood can be used for board-and-batten buildings, but cedar is one of the best because it is softer and less likely to crack.

    • Board: This is the wider or larger of the two pieces of wood.
    • Batten: A batten is the thin strip of wood that goes over the crack between the two boards.

    View Our Board & Batten Pole Barns

    Below are a few of our board and batten pole buildings for a variety of businesses! View our full board and batten portfolio.

    4. Board And Batten Vs. Shiplap

    The only thing the two of these types of wall material have in common is that they are both wooden walling or siding. Shiplap is a cheap and inefficient type of wood siding. The difference with shiplap is it is essentially any type of thin wood placed horizontally or vertically next to each other.

    In comparison, board-and-batten is a historically designed type of siding that is made for energy efficiency and a fully protective siding. Traditionally a batten is placed in the space between the boards. This creates a fully closed covering. Shiplap, in comparison, does not seal up the cracks and is more common as an interior decorative siding. Board-and-batten is a professional and historical type of siding that provides an excellent exterior to a building.

    5. How Durable Is A Board & Batten Post Frame Building?

    Board-and-batten pole buildings are incredibly durable and protected. The battens covering the space between the boards create a closed exterior to the pole barn. Due to the wood exterior, a board-and-batten is more insulated than a steel building. The wood provides a better temperature barrier than a thin layer of sheet steel. If you want to heat your board-and-batten, we recommend getting a completely insulated interior with your pole building package.

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