Vinyl Siding Pole Buildings

Vinyl Siding Pole Barn Builders

Want the classic garage or residential look to match your home with the versatility and construction capabilities of a pole building? Many pole building companies only work in metal, we provide professional pole building options with siding. Adding a garage, barn, or shed to your property is exciting, but nothing looks as attractive as having a unified design and appearance.

We have built many vinyl siding pole barns. Get a free quote on a pole barn with vinyl siding from us today.

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    Common Questions About Vinyl Siding Pole Buildings

    Since pole barns with vinyl siding are uncommon, it makes sense you have some questions about them. You can speak directly with us to get your questions on vinyl siding answered. Below are a few of the common questions we have received when building pole barns with siding.

    1. How Much Does A Vinyl Siding Pole Barn Cost?

    The real question or most common question we receive is whether a sheet steel pole barn or a vinyl siding pole building is more cost-effective. The truth is it depends. With vinyl siding, there is a lot higher lumber cost. With sheet steel, there is a higher cost in metal. With how much the market fluctuates, the price varies based on whether lumber and vinyl have increased in the market or if sheet steel has increased.

    2. Can A Pole Building Be Built With Vinyl Siding?

    Obviously, it can be done with this being a service we provided. "Can a pole barn have vinyl siding?" is a common question because not many people realize that it is common for pole barns to have siding. This is because the only way you can tell it is a pole building is by seeing the inside and internal post-frame setup. Many pole buildings with siding also get their interior done, so it is almost impossible to tell if a post-frame building with siding is actually a pole barn.

    3. How Is A Pole Building With Siding Built?

    Essentially the pole building’s wood framing is built exactly the same. The difference between a sheet steel pole building and a pole building with siding is the additional step of adding plywood. If you want a shingle roof with your vinyl siding pole building, the roof will also get plywood added to the post-frame building. After the plywood is added, a vapor barrier is placed over the plywood, and the vinyl siding is added. Depending on the siding and structure, certain trim pieces will be vinyl, and others will be metal.

    4. What Financing Options Are There For A Vinyl Siding Pole Building?

    Pioneer Pole Buildings offers in-house financing for our vinyl siding pole buildings. We want you to be able to get your pole barn today. Contact us for financing options.

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