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Indoor Pickleball Courts

Are you looking to have a picklebarn built? Pioneer is a premier picklebarn pole building company. Our team of professional contractors and builders can put together the pickle barn you are looking for, for your personal or commercial property.

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Now serving the Mid-Atlantic Region including Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and some New York and Virginia areas. 


Picklebarn building

Pickleball Court Size

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    Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

    Nope, No More Of This Nonsense

    Get outta the rain, wind, cold, and heat.

    Get into comfort in your own back yard OR get your local Community Park involved!

    Our standard PickleBarn size is 40'x64'x18' which will give you ample and safe perimeter space to enjoy your game.

    Raining on Pickle Ball Court

    Our PickleBarns Come In All Colors And Sizes!

    However, we offer a large variety of options to customize your PickleBarn to be exactly how you want it to look.

    If building for your Community Park who may have restrictions, we work with them to fit their exact aesthetics and requirements.

    From the variety of different colors, doors and windows to cupolas and overhangs, you can make your PickleBarn work for you and look great at the same time.

    Picklebarn building

    board and batten pickle ball court


    Common Sizes Of PickleBarns

    There are a couple different sizes of PickleBarns, from a single court to a double court or as many courts as you choose. Below are a few examples of typical picklebarns and how they look.

    • Single Court: 36' W x 64' L x 18' H
    • Standard Single Court: 40' W x 64' L x 18' H
    • Double Court 64' W x 74' L x 18' H
    • Concrete Floor
    • Professional Court Painting
    • Insulation Package with Liner Panel

     The Complete PickleBarn Package

    Every PickleBarn is individually designed by our builders expert engineering department and is built on site. The construction crews have extensive experience in post-frame construction and take great pride in their work. Their superior craftsmanship ensures that customers get an attractive, high-quality building that will fit their needs. Of equal importance is the quality of the materials that go into every PickleBarn building. Sports court painting indoor pickle ball courts

    Inside Pickle ball court

    Create Your Own Court Design

    PickleMaster Coatings come in a great variety of colors. You can choose combinations of your favorites to make your court just the way you like it!

    Use the court designer link: https://www.sportmaster.net/courtdesigner/  to get started today!

    pickle ball court design

    Court Painting Options

     Our standard PickleBarn comes with a newly constructed concrete pad on which the court will be painted and lined.

    We don’t do the painting with our crews. We can, however, provide contacts to a professional sport contracting network OR to an expert who can help you to complete this part of the project yourself if you prefer.

    painting a pickle ball court

    Professionally Painted Courts

    painting a pickle ball court


    Common Questions About PickleBarns

    Having built hundreds of thousands of pole buildings in the past, we have been asked a few questions about them and what they can be used for. PickleBarn is one of the options, below are a few common questions we have received:

    1. How Much Does A PickleBarn Cost?

    The price of a picklebarn depends on a variety of factors. First and foremost is the size of the court. The larger the number of courts, the more sheet steel and the more lumber it takes. The second factor of the cost of a pickle barn is how much space you want on the sides of the court(s). There are a lot of customizations a picklebarn can have.

    Finally, a highly impactful factor recently is the price of lumber and steel. While the cost of picklebarn materials did not vary in the past, the market has been more volatile and causing the pricing to change depending on the month you request for a new construction project. All of these will impact the overall price of your picklebarn

    2. What Customizations Can Be Made To A PickleBarn?

    There are a lot of picklebarn options. Some people request board and batten siding rather than a sheet steel shell.

    There are a lot of customizations you can make for your future picklebarn. Ask yourself, how many doors, garage doors, or windows do I want. Do I want skylights in my picklebarn? Should I get the interior insulated as well as framed and finished? View our residential building additions and options as well as building color options.

    3. What Financing Options Are There For A PickleBarn?

    Pioneer Pole Buildings offers in-house professional financing options for your future post-frame pickle barn. Get financing that fits your needs and payment plans so you can get your picklebarn built as soon as you like. So don’t wait to start your project.

    pickle barn with windows

    Pickleball Court Surface

    Pickleball court surface must be cleaned entirely of dirt, debris and all loose materials. Repair of pavement surface defects, puddles and cracks must be completed prior to application. Acrylic Crack Patch, Acrylic Patch Binder, or any of our 100% acrylic crack fillers can be used to repair cracks in the pickleball court before coating. All repairs must be flush and smooth to adjoining surfaces. https://youtu.be/Yos8n4HaXxI

    pickle ball court design

    View Other PickleBarn Ideas

    Slider of PickleBarns Coming Soon! View our full portfolio of all pole buildings.

    Northeast PickleBarn Contractors

    Pioneer Pole Buildings has been providing professional pole building construction service in the northeast since 1998. We build picklebarns in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. In addition, we have constructed buildings outside of our service area. Contact us for a free quote, and we can determine the cost and the distance we will need to travel to your business or home.

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    We are your builders for your next picklebarn building project. No matter how simple or customized you would like your building to be, we can help build your pickle barn. Contact us at Pioneer Buildings to get your project started.