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Among our pole-building crews, New Jersey is known for its sandy soil. Our professional pole builders love constructing New Jersey pole barns because your soil makes for easier digging. Although with sandy soil comes specific building specifications, so your pole barn remains standing.

Having built thousands of pole buildings in New Jersey, we are very familiar with the local building codes. So if you want a New Jersey pole barn that lasts, contact Pioneer Pole Buildings.

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As a New Jersey resident, you want a pole building that will last through hurricanes and all types of weather. We have seen many of our pole buildings withstand storm after storm, floodwaters, and various weather. Pioneer Pole Buildings is your professional New Jersey post frame company. Contact us to get your pole barn started.

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    Types Of Pole Buildings You Will Find In New Jersey

    A variety of pole buildings are needed in New Jersey because, as you know, not every part of the state is the same. As a result, there is a wide range of uses for local pole buildings. Here are a few standard post-frame buildings we have constructed in New Jersey:

    • NJ Commercial Pole Buildings: Many New Jersey businesses contact us to build their commercial pole barn. From local mechanics and HVAC businesses to large manufacturing businesses and clean energy companies. We have even reroofed a seafood business on the Newark oceanfront. Additionally, we have built massive fruit stands off of 70 and 33.
    • NJ Residential Pole Buildings: One of the most common pole barns we build in New Jersey are residential pole buildings. With New Jersey having the highest population density, many people are interested in having their own personal pole barn. So get your residential post-frame building started.
    • NJ Equestrian Pole Buildings: New Jersey has a lot of horses and a lot of dedicated equestrian centers, events, and facilities. Among these equestrian enthusiasts is a need for well-built equestrian pole barns with well-designed interiors and horse stalls.
    • NJ Agricultural Pole Buildings: New Jersey has a lot of agricultural farms. We have built multiple pole barns for fruit farms that produce cranberries and blueberries. As mentioned before, we have also built fruit stands for these same businesses.
    • NJ Storage & Garages: In the suburbs of New Jersey, we have built many garages for local residents and for local townships.
    • NJ Post Frame Pavilions: We have built pavilions for many local parks in New Jersey. Get your pavilion built by us.
    • NJ Vinyl Siding Pole Buildings: In the more populated areas of New Jersey, a lot of homeowners desire to have their pole building or post-frame garage match their home. We have built many buildings with vinyl siding and shingle roofing to match the construction and design of your home.

    Get A Custom Built New Jersey Post Frame Building

    If you are getting a new building on your property, you want one that fits your needs. We want to construct the pole barn that is built for you; this is why we provide custom post-frame building options. You can work with our team of professional New Jersey pole barn architects to design post frame building of your dreams. We know what can structurally be built in New Jersey, keeping your custom building up to code.

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    New Jersey Metal Roofing & Pole Building Reskins

    New Jersey has a wide variety of historic buildings and simply old buildings. Many old buildings need new metal roofs. Get a metal sheet steel roof for your New Jersey home, barn, or garage. Our professionals will install a sheet steel roof to protect your home from the elements.

    New Jersey Pole Building Pricing & Financing Options

    When deciding to purchase a NJ pole barn, the price determines a lot. Pioneer Pole Buildings offers financing options so you can afford the perfect pole barn at a cost you can afford. Learn more about our financing options for New Jersey residents.

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    It is time to start your pole-building project. Contact Pioneer Pole Buildings for a free quote. We are a proven professional New Jersey pole builder. Get your post-frame building at the highest quality.

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