Commercial Pole Buildings

Commercial Pole Barn Builders

A commercial pole building is a great financial investment for your business. Pole buildings are perfect for storage or providing office space or an indoor work area. Pioneer Pole Buildings has built a wide variety of pole buildings for businesses. With our clean interior builds and the capabilities of a large open post frame building to fit a business’s needs, these are some of the best structures for your company.

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    Common Types Of Businesses That Use Pole Buildings

    As mentioned above we have built hundreds of thousands of commercial pole barns. These business pole buildings come in a range of shapes and sizes. All of them have been designed and built to help the company’s functionality and effectiveness. Below are a few common industries we have built commercial pole buildings for:

    • Storage Company Buildings
    • HVAC Business Buildings
    • Mechanic Shops
    • Ambulance Repair Shop Building
    • Fruit Stand Pole Barn
    • Office Space
    • Warehouse
    • Auto Dealer Pole Barn
    • Machine Shop Buildings
    • Township Buildings
    • Park Pavilions
    • Workshops For A Variety Of Businesses
    • Fire Department Building
    • Ambulance Pole Barn
    • Manufacturing Pole Building

    View Our Commercial Pole Barns

    Below are a few of our commercial pole buildings for a variety of businesses! View our full commercial portfolio.

    Common Questions About Commercial Pole Buildings

    As a business owner, you probably have a lot of questions about the building you plan to run your business out of. Our team can help answer your questions about your future commercial pole building but below are a few common questions we have received in the past.

    1. How Much Does A Commercial Pole Barn Cost?

    The cost of a pole building for your business is a wide range. Factors like the size of your building or the number of additions play a role in how much a business pole building costs. A small pole barn for commercial use (about 30’x30’) with a variety of additions and a completed interior along with custom rooms can cost as much as a large 100’x100’ foot post frame building. At Pioneer we are known for having a large number of options with our pole buildings. Contact us to find out how much your commercial pole building will cost.

    2. What Customizations Can Be Made To A Commercial Post Frame Building?

    Our pole barn customizations range from windows and doors to additions and lean-tos. The colors of the pole building as well as the insulation. When talking with our sales team we can help inform you on what building options are the best fit for your business. The versatility of commercial pole barns is why many business owners choose PPB to build their company’s headquarters.

    3. What Financing Options Are There For A Commercial Pole Building?

    Financing is such an important aspect of your business. In order for your company to grow you need a new building for your operation and business to function. Don’t let finances hold your business back from future growth. Pioneer Pole Buildings offers in-house professional financing options for your future commercial post-frame building. Don’t hold your business back from its next stages of growth.

    4. How Durable Is A Commercial Post Frame Building?

    Commercial Pole Buildings are very durable and easy to fix if damaged. A lot of warehouses hire us to build 3 sided post-frame buildings. To protect the posts on the open side of the commercial storage building, they will place large metal tubes over the base of the posts. These keep them safe from constantly being hit by forklifts and heavy machinery.

    5. Do Pole Barns Make Good Buildings For Businesses

    If you visit us at Pioneer Pole Building’s Headquarters in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania you will see how a pole building can fit a wide range of needs. At our location, you will see pole buildings that are used for office space, a storefront, a mechanic shop, a storage and distribution warehouse, and even a metal manufacturing building.

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