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A pavilion in a park or your backyard is a great way to get friends and family outdoors. Pavilions are one of our specialties at Pioneer Pole Buildings. With our experience and knowledge, we work to make sure the pavilion will last and be structurally sound.

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    Familiar Places & Uses For Pavilions

    There are a collection of ways to use a pavilion. We are contracted to build specific pavilions that are designed for different uses. Below are a few examples of standard pavilions we have built in the past.

    • Campsite Pavilion
    • Backyard Patio Pavilion
    • Pavilion At Public Parks
    • Camper Pavilion
    • Car Parking Pavilion
    • School Pavilion

    View Our Profession Pavilions

    Below are a few of our past pavilions for a variety of homes, parks, and businesses! View our full pavilion portfolio.

    Common Questions About Pavilion Pole Buildings

    Below are a few questions we have received in the past about post-frame pavilions. Learn more about them or contact us to ask questions about the professional pavilions we build.

    1. How Much Does A Pavilion Pole Barn Cost?

    A pavilion costs much less than an entire pole building because you don’t have to purchase any walls. Without the walls, there will be a lower cost for the building supplies like wood and sheet steel and the time it takes to build the walls.

    2. What Customizations Can Be Made To A Pavilion Post Frame Building?

    A lot of customers request for their pavilion to be built with a ceiling. This is so that people are not able to climb on the rafters where they could fall from and get hurt. Others will request pavilion attachments or additions to homes or existing pole barns. You can customize your pavilion with our many building options.

    3. What Financing Options Are There For A Pavilion Pole Building?

    If you need a pavilion to cover your RV for the winter or are have the approval to build a pavilion but do not have the funds, your project can get delayed. Do not let funds stop you from building your pavilion. We offer in-house financing options for your post-frame pavilion. Learn more about our professional financing options and contact us for a free quote.

    Pavilion Frame Kit Vs. Professionally Built Pavilion

    If you are looking to build a small pavilion in your backyard, you may have considered a small pavilion kit that you can buy online. While this might be tempting because you save a little bit of money, you compromise a lot on quality. If you order a pavilion off of Amazon, it will probably go together like a piece of Ikea furniture. You will spend more time and aggravation putting together a pavilion that will last only a few years.

    When you get a pavilion through Pioneer, you will have fully treated posts, a solid metal roof, professional construction, and a pavilion up to code and firmly attached to the ground. However, if you get a pavilion kit online, you can expect the wood to be mediocre at best. The metal will be thin, and the end result, no matter your professional construction skills, will not be as good as a pavilion built by a professional.

    Do not compromise for a cheap knockoff. Instead, contact us for a free quote on a well-built pavilion for your home.

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    Mid-Atlantic Pavilion Pole Building Contractors

    Pavilions are needed at homes, businesses, parks, and schools. It isn’t surprising that these are located throughout the entire United States. While we would love to build pole buildings in every state, we primarily serve the Mid-Atlantic. You will find our pole buildings up and down the east coast, but you will see us the most in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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    If you are in need of a post-frame pavilion, gazebo, kiosk, or porch, contact us for a free quote. We build a variety of pavilions and pole buildings and can customize them to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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