670 - Pavilion with Lean-To

670 – Pavilion with Lean-To

Pavilion with Lean-To Overview

So this pavilion we built in the past that has a lean-to on the front. Altogether for construction costs, please contact the sales department. Basically, below is a breakdown of information on building ID # 670 – Pavilion with Lean-To. Finally, contact us for more details and a free quote on your pole barn.

Another Quick Pole Building Details

  • Building Type: Agricultural, Residential
  • Building Size:  30′ W x 40′ L x 10’ 4″ H Pavilion (ID# 670)
  • Siding Color: Brite White
  • Roof Type: Metal
  • Roof Color: Brite White
  • Trim Color: Brown

670 – Pavilion with Lean-To Dimensions

  • 30’ W x 40’ L x 10’ 4″ H Pavilion (ID# 670)
  • 30′ Standard Trusses, 4’ on Center
  • 4/12 Pitch

Pole Building Colors

  • Siding Color: Brite White
  • Roofing Color: Brite White
  • Trim Color: Brown

670 – Pavilion with Lean-To Openings

  • All Sides Are Open
  • 8′ Pole Spacing on Eaves of Pavilion
  • 10′ Pole Spacing on Gables of Pavilion

670 – Pavilion with Lean-To Overhangs

  • Eaves: 1′
  • Gables: 1′
  • Soffit: Brown Aluminum

Pavilion Insulation

  • Liner Panel: Ceiling White

Lastly The Lean-To

  • Dimensions: 10′ W x 30′ L x 10′ H
  • Roof Pitch: 2/12
  • Overhangs: Eaves & Gables: 1′
  • 10′ Pole Spacing Around Lean-To

670 - Pavilion with Lean-To

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In the same way Pioneer Pole Buildings can build you the nice pavilion with a lean-to for picnics and get togethers.

At the present time we have built many pavilions and buildings that are longer and/or shorter than this one above to suit the needs of our customers. Please ask and we can most likely built it for you. Also all colors can be changed as well.

Without reservation ID# 670 is customized, for an exact construction cost and any questions about this pavilion, please contact our Sales Department at: 1-888-448-2505 Ext. 136.

Certainly. if it is a super custom built or commercial… try requesting a quote from Pioneer Buildings, our custom and commercial division.

With this in mind, Request A Free Quote Today!

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