652 - 40x70x12 Big Pavilion

652 – 40x70x12 Big Pavilion

Building Overview

This is a 40x70x12 Big Pavilion we built in the past. Altogether for construction costs, please contact the sales department. Basically below is a breakdown of information on building 652 – 40x70x12 Big Pavilion. Afterwards contact us for more details and a free quote on your pole barn.

Quick Pole Building Details

  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Building Size:  40′ W x 70′ L x 12’ H (ID# 652) Pavilion
  • Siding Color: Ash Gray
  • Roof Type: Metal
  • Roof Color: Charcoal
  • Trim Color: Brite White

Pavilion Dimensions

  • 40’ W x 70’ L x 12’ H (ID# 652) Pavilion
  • 40′ Standard Trusses, 4’ on Center
  • 6/12 Pitch

652 – 40x70x12 Big Pavilion Colors

  • Siding Color: Ash Gray
  • Lower Color: N/A
  • Roofing Color: Charcoal
  • Trim Color: Brite White

Pole Building Openings

  • (4) All Sides to be Open with Steel Siding 3′ Down from Top
  • (1) Ceiling Liner Access Door

652 – 40x70x12 Big Pavilion Overhangs

  • Eaves: 1′
  • Gables: 1’
  • Soffit: White Vinyl

652 – 40x70x12 Big Pavilion Insulation

  • Liner Panel: Ceiling White

Open Pavilion Miscellaneous

  • All Posts to be 3Ply 2″ x 6″ GluLams Fully Treated
  • ZXL Screws

652 - 40x70x12 Big Pavilion Pavilion that is 40 feet wide by 70 feet long with ash gray siding. Pavilion with liner panel on the ceiling with an access door. 652 - 40x70x12 Big Pavilion Pavilion with liner panel on the ceiling with an access door. 652 - 40x70x12 Big Pavilion

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In the same way Pioneer Pole Buildings can build you a nice pavilion to have picnics at and events for your local township or park. Additionally this pavilion has steel siding that is 3 foot down on every side to help the rain not get in so much but still leaves a 9 foot high entrance in-between poles. However the pole spacing is 8 foot on both gables and 8 foot for both the eaves with one 6 foot spacing on each eave.

Without reservation ID# 652 – 40x70x12 Big Pavilion is customized, for an exact construction cost and any questions about this pole building, please contact our Sales Department at: 1-888-448-2505 Ext. 136.

Certainly. if it is a super custom built or commercial… try requesting a quote from Pioneer Buildings, our custom and commercial division.

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