Custom Pole Buildings

Custom Pole Barn Builders

Customizing a pole barn is what makes Pioneer Pole Buildings stand out from the competition. We have a wide variety of built-in customizations you can apply to your pole building. From color changes to overhangs and windows or two-tone and stone veneer. There are a lot of pole building options that you can naturally add to your pole building, a custom pole barn is something else entirely.

When you get a custom pole building you get all of our professional experience, knowledge, and expertise built into the perfect pole building of your dreams. Our professional team will work with you in drawing up the custom pole building to fit your needs.

Pole Building Dimensions: 30’ W x 44’ L x 10’ 4” H (ID# 586) Ultra-Fine Three-Car Garage 30’ Standard Trusses, 4’ on Center 8/12 Pitch Colors: Siding Color: Brown Roofing Color: Red Trim Color: Brown & Red

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    Common Questions About Custom Pole Buildings

    Our most common question regarding custom pole buildings is if something is possible. The best way to find out is to contact us to get a free quote on a custom pole building.

    1. How Much Does A Custom Pole Barn Cost?

    Typically it depends on the size of the pole building. Still, when designing a custom pole barn, there are a lot of additional costs tied to the extra time and materials for the custom modifications.

    Suppose you were to purchase a pole barn with a sign that had a pure gold inlay on the side of the pole building; the cost would skyrocket due to the price of the gold. While we have never had a custom pole building request a gold inlay, we have received customization requests that utilize more expensive materials, which drive the cost of a custom pole building up. As we work with you through the customizations of your pole building, we can help gauge the price of your custom pole barn.

    2. What Customizations Can Be Made To A Custom Post Frame Building?

    When you are working with Pioneer Pole Buildings, there are many more customizations than most pole building companies offer. Typically a pole builder offers only a handful of customizations. We have a wide range of customizations that we provide with our traditional post-frame buildings. Beyond that, we will work with you on various options and customizations. Our professional builders

    3. What Financing Options Are There For A Custom Pole Building?

    When getting a custom pole barn built, you need to have the financing you can count on. We have in-house financing that is available for a pole building purchase through PPB.

    4. Can You Attach A Custom Pole Building To Your Home?

    When we are contacted to build a custom pole building, it is very common to want to attach the post-frame building to a home. This is possible but will require the right conditions. Financially it is best to get the pole barn built separately and to attach the pole barn later. We have attached a lot of custom pavilions and lean-tos to homes in the past.

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    Below are a few of our custom pole buildings for a variety of people! View our full custom portfolio.

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    Northeast Custom Pole Building Contractors

    Pioneer Pole Buildings is your custom pole builder in the northeast. We have built a wide range of custom pole barns from North Carolina to Maine. Our primary service area is the states surrounding Pennsylvania. You can find our custom buildings in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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