728 Two-Car Garage

728 Two-Car Garage Overview


So this Two-Car Garage we built in the past. Altogether, please contact the sales department for construction costs and any questions. In Addition below is a breakdown of information on the building ID #728 (30 x 32 x 14) Two-Car Garage. Finally, Contact us for more details and a Free Quote on your Pole Barn.

Need a place for vehicle storage… this Thirty Foot Wide by Thirty-Two Foot Long by Fourteen-Foot High building with a Metal Exterior and Studded interior has One, Ten-Foot-Wide by Ten-Foot Residential Classic Raised Short Panel Insulated, Hi-Lift Garage Doors. One, Twelve-Foot-Wide by Twelve-Foot Residential Classic Raised Short Panel Insulated Garage Doors The building has One-Foot overhangs which are covered with vinyl soffit. There are Zero Windows. There is One Entry Door, model number 3068 inswing 9Lite RH Fiberglass Insulated PRIMED.

728 Two-Car Garage


  • Building Type: Residential
  • Building Size:  30’W x 32’L x 14’4″H
  • Siding Type: Metal
  • Siding Color: Brite White
  • Two Tone: Ocean Blue
  • Roof Type: Metal
  • Roof Color: Brite White
  • Trim Color: Ocean Blue

Also Buildings Details:

  • 3 ply 2 x 6 glue-laminated, poles 8′ on center
  • Siding: 28 Gauge Frontier Panel 50-Year Warranty
  • Roofing: 27 Gauge Frontier Panel 50-Year Warranty
  • 30′ Standard Trusses, 4′ on center, 4/12 pitch, snow load by code and design

Openings Details:

  • (1) 10′ W x 10′ H Residential Classic Raised Short Panel Insulated, Hi-Lift, Placement: gable
  • (1) 12’W x 12’H Residential Classic Raised Short Panel Insulated,15″ track, Placement: gable
  • (1) Entry Door 3068 inswing 6-panel LH Fiberglass Insulated PRIMED

Overhangs Details:

  • Eaves 1: 1′
  • Eaves 2: 1′
  • Gables 1: 1′
  • Gables 2: 1′
  • 68 feet Gutter: 5K W/Downspout

Lean-To Details:

  • N/A

Insulation Details: 

  • Roof: Double Bubble Vapor Barrier

Lastly Miscellaneous Details:

  • Two-Tone Siding, Location: (2) Eaves, (2) Gables
  • 32 ft, Universal Ridge Vent
  • 2 x 6 Skirtboard .60 Treated with barrier tape
  • Engineered Sealed Blueprints
  • 4” Concrete floor, expansion joints, fiber mesh, 3500 PSI

728 (30 x 32 x 14) Two-Car Garage

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In the same way, Pioneer Pole Buildings can help you build a Two-Car Garage to store your vehicles. We also have experience building custom pole buildings and residential buildings of various lengths and widths to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Please let us know what you need, and we can customize it for you. Additionally, we can change all colors to your liking.

Without reservation ID# 728 is customized, for an exact construction cost and any questions about this Two-Car Garage, please contact our Sales Department at 1-888-448-2505 Ext. 136.

If you are interested in a highly customized or commercial building, We suggest that you request a quote.

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